First outdoor practice

Well, it is April 21 and there is no snow on the ground in Calgary.  Actually, I shouldn’t say something like that, it might tempt Mother Nature, the bitch that she can be.

The Rockies have our first outdoor workout tonight.  The diamonds are ready and the ground is dry.  Good news for this time of year for sure.  We split the players up last night into AA and AAA teams.  We will still practice together here and there but pretty much from here on out, we are separate entities.

The weather forecast for the weekend doesn’t look particularly good at the moment.  Mind you, it is only Tuesday so I don’t put too much trust into a 5 day forecast.  Right now, they are calling for cool and wet conditions for the weekend.  So, if all goes according to how it normally does, it will be warm and dry.

We have three games this weekend.  Two AA games and one AAA game.  Very short games, 5 innings or two hours, free movement of players.  We just need to get a feel for the upcoming season.

Speaking of the season, we open it with a game a week from tonight.  Nice to be able to play baseball in April, or at the very least, have it scheduled for April.

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