The road to the Stanley Cup

As I have written and as most hockey fans would know, the Calgary Flames made the play-offs for the first time in a few years.  They opened the series against the Vancouver Canucks last evening, in Vancouver.  It was a great game, I watched from home.

I have been spending a bit too much on going out for food recently and need to cut back.  In saying that, I did order a pizza and cheesy bread from Dominos, but that was less than I would have paid for a drink or two and food in a pub.

Anyway, the Flames started a bit slow, were sent into the penalty box a little too often and fell behind 1-0.  It looked like it would stay that way for a while.  Calgary tied it up and went ahead late in the 3rd period – I cheered them on as an armchair goalie and made my dogs jump with the shouting at the TV.

I have been a Flames fan since the early years that they were in Calgary.  I was, I must admit, a Maple Leafs fan when I was a kid, what did I know?  My brother moved to Calgary and got me various Flames stuff and converted me.  Thanks CD.

They are at it again on Friday night and return to Calgary for a game on Sunday.  No way that I will be able to watch any games live.  The Flames only released under 2000 tickets to the public and they were put up for auction.  Tickets on various re-sell sites were selling for $1000 above face value.  I think I will just watch from home – or a pub.

I am a kilometer from the Red Mile, 17th Avenue SW.  Might make for some interesting nights.  Go Flames !!!

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