Sticking with Telus

My three year contract with Telus home services (Internet and TV) ends at the end of the month.  I was worried that my bill was going to shoot through the roof.

I decided that I would zip to the same Telus store that I went to for setting up my services, almost three years ago. I could also pick up some groceries at the same time (surprisingly, not from Telus).

I was told that I needed to call into Telus to see what deals they had, the store didn’t handle that. I thought this was a bit odd, but whatever. 

So, after returning home, I called. No real good deals on at the moment, but my bill will remain the same and my PVR rental will continue to be free. Ok, I can live with that, thanks. 

They did offer a free month of crave TV so I figured I would try that. After a quick preview, I don’t think I will continue with it, even at only $4 per month.

Anyway, I’m happy. My bill won’t go up and I don’t have to switch to Shaw and get something else installed. I’ve been quite happy with Telus, they deserve to keep my business. 

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