A new place – part two

Thursday after work, I took a trip to the north-west of Calgary to look at a new place.  From the outside, it looked a little worn.  It looked old, it needed new paint.  OK, I can live with that.

The inside was pretty good, they were clean.  The carpets looked good, everything seemed to be in place.  There was a fireplace, wood burning at that.  I was sort of surprised that a rental would have a wood burning fireplace.  I wonder how often they clean the chimneys.

So, I made no commitments there.  I decided that I would get back to them.

I went online to read some reviews.  Out of 16 reviews that I could find, none were positive, none were rated higher than 2 stars (out of 5) and most were 1 and 0 star ratings.

The main issue was bad management, cutting corners and cutting costs wherever they could.  Front line management changed regularly and maintenance people were apparently few and far between.  The complex was built in the late 60’s and apparently, the furnaces have not been replaced in that time.  That is over 45 years.  That is a bit nuts if it is true.

One of the reviews said that the monthly gas bill for heating was almost $300, which, considering the size, it should have been less than half of that.  Now, they didn’t say if they kept the heat at 85F, that might explain a rather large gas bill.

I realize that people won’t specifically go online to post a positive review but sometimes, if you read a negative one and have something nice to say, you might respond.  Nope, none of those.

So, I think I will just stay where I am, thank you.  Zeus is having trouble with the 6 or 7 steps to get outside (I live in a basement suite), so, if I have to, I will carry him to the top.  That isn’t a problem.  Moving somewhere that might be a nightmare is a problem.

By the way, happy chocolate bunny day.  🙂

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