A new place?

So, I am going to look at a new place to live on Thursday after work. If it doesn’t meet my requirements, I won’t move. Nothing really wrong with this place. The landlady is, ummm, interesting? Yeah, I’ll go with that. The rent is ok, $1400 per month, inclusive. She isn’t too responsive to issues and three have been some issues since I’ve moved in. Now, they weren’t her fault, however.

So, the place I am looking at has no stairs. That would be good for Zeus, he’s starting to struggle on stairs. It has a place for my washer and dryer. It has a fireplace and AC, not that you need AC a lot in Calgary.  It is in the NW, I am not overly familiar with the NW as yet. I don’t really care about how close I am to the office any longer, that was my primary reason for moving where I currently am. Since I work from home, that’s no longer a concern. It also has an energized parking spot. I haven’t had to plug in my vehicle since I’ve lived in Calgary but now that I do work from home, I might need to since the truck may not make it out of the driveway for a few days in a row.

It is two bedrooms and the rooms are around the same size as what I have now. No dishwasher, but really, I am one person, I can handle washing dishes.  Guess I will wait and see.

My friend and co-coach bought himself a house in Calgary, moves in sometime in June. Congrats SS. I guess if I get him to help me move, I will have to return the favour.  No issues there, moving isn’t the worst thing to do in the world. Wait, yes it is…

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