Picked up another coach for my AAA baseball team. A former player who coached in the single A league last year wanted to coach with his former club. Good news there, we were a little low on coaches. 

There is a coaches meeting this afternoon. No baseball workouts for me today. I threw batting practice yesterday and if I threw again today, it would not end well. So, instead, I am going to try, what I am told is the best pizza place in Calgary. 

I have had a tough time finding good pizza since I’ve moved here. Dominos is not the same, not quite anyway, from what it is in Ontario.  So, I am trying Atlas Pizza. It is way in the east end of the city so hopefully it is worth the 30 minute drive from my place.

On the coaching front, we only have a few more weeks to decide on the AA/AAA split for the teams. Most of the positions are decided, we still have a few spots to iron out. One of the new recruits might be able to fight his way to the AAA club in favour of one of the guys who played AA last year. I don’t necessarily like to do that, but we are trying to field the best teams possible. With so many players graduating or going elsewhere for baseball or other sports, we have a lot to replace on the AAA club. Tough decisions for sure.

I guess that’s another weekend, almost in the books. Next weekend will be 4 days with the Easter holiday. I took the Monday for good measure and plan on enjoying it. 

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