More on the baseball front…

We’ve had our first few indoor workouts for baseball and the players are looking pretty good.  It can be hard to tell how a player will hit just from using batting cages, but I am optimistic.  Fielding skills look to be solid.  I don’t have any players that shy away from the ball which is a good sign.  I do have a few that try to backhand a ball that they have plenty of time to get in front of, but that is fairly easy to fix.

I am told that the pitchers are looking solid.  I have not watched any bullpen sessions as yet but one of the other coaches has been working with the pitchers and the Technical Director for pitching has been out twice to work with the boys and has helped a lot.

The weather has been unusually warm, with the exception of yesterday when we woke up to 2″ of snow on the ground.  Most of that is gone now since it got to around 6C yesterday afternoon.  Spring is only a few days off.  Hopefully, winter is over and warm, dry weather will commence.

We are scheduled to play some exhibition games on April 25/26.  That is still 5 weeks off, but I can hope.

The league and team meetings happening tonight – I will get to meet the parents that I haven’t met as yet.  I am looking forward to a great summer of ball.

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