Getting old, or something…

I have noticed recently when watching TV that the on-screen display is not quite as clear as I might like and I find I am squinting when trying to see it.  I have a 50″ LED TV in my living room and the living room is not that big.  I would guess that I am 10 or 12 feet away from the TV.  I have had the same prescription on my glasses since I was 16 years old.

Sadly, I am no longer 16 and neither are my eyes.  I have made an eye doctor appointment for today, my first eye doctor appointment since moving to Calgary.  I have actually not had an eye doctor appointment for a number of years.  Eye appointments stopped being covered by OHIP in Ontario a few years before I left – don’t understand why, who needs to have their eyes checked…

So, I am told that they will use those drops in my eyes that make the pupils HUGE.  I hate that.  I was told that I will be able to drive home at least.

I explained this to one of the Managers at work.  He suggested that instead of needing a new prescription that I needed a new TV.  A prescription is covered under my health spending account.  He told me to get the doctor to prescribe a larger TV and it would be covered.  Sounds like a good idea, I am sure that the insurance company wouldn’t agree.

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