A schedule change

I am now starting 30 minutes earlier in the day. I am working 630am – 3pm. I had been taking a 30 minute lunch since I started working from home. For some reason, I now need to take an hour lunch. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but that’s ok. So, as opposed to working later, I start earlier.

I have to change my morning routine or rather adjust my timing. I am now getting up at around 515. Walk the dogs, make myself beautiful, make some coffee and start work. 

Shouldn’t be a big adjustment. Guess I will see. I do prefer to finish earlier so I think it’s going to work.

I had a chicken/spinach pizza tonight for dinner. Who the hell decide to put spinach on a pizza? Yick. It was a McCain, I think, wasn’t very good, even without the spinach. I need to find a good frozen pizza, it seems to be a task that I can’t accomplish. Any suggestions?

Anyway, seeing as I am getting up so early, I may need to hit bed earlier… Is 9pm too early? Probably…


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