Buying stuff online

I made a purchase recently of some baseball gear online.  It was from a US web site, I don’t think there is a Canadian web site that sells what I was looking for.  In US dollars, the prices were pretty good.  I bought a flex-fit hat for $23 and a cage jacket (for baseball) for $59.  With tax, duty and shipping, it came to $117 USD, still not that bad.  Converted to Canadian, $157 right now with the crappy exchange rate.  Wow.

There was also a deal on the web site, FREE Shipping, use code FREE when you check-out.  Well, naturally, it doesn’t apply to Canadian orders.  At least it was a bulk shipping rate of $12.

I would have been a lot further ahead if I could have purchased this stuff from a Canadian web site, but I couldn’t find one.  Now I will wait for my shipment to arrive from the US.  I would guess it will be at least a week or two before it arrives.

Looking forward to the Canadian dollar climbing a bit I guess.  Since I am no longer so close to the US border, I don’t really pay attention to the exchange rate, didn’t realize it was so low.

Oh well.  Can’t wait for my stuff to arrive.  🙂

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