Draft day

As I have mentioned, today was Babe Ruth Calgary draft day.  The Rockies gave up our first round pick for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick next year.  I don’t think this hurt as at all as we managed to draft one of the players we had rated in the first round, 8th overall, our first pick.  We got a 19 year old pitcher to help with the AAA pitching woes as well.  All in all, I think we drafted fairly well.  We ended up selecting 14 players to give us a total of 29.  A few of those players won’t be around until around May 10 as they are in university.  One player has a broken wrist and his playing depends totally on his recovery – time will tell.

I made calls to all of the new players.  I really don’t like talking on the phone.  I don’t do it a lot, outside of work.  That is likely one reason why I don’t like talking too much outside of the job.  All my contact with players and parents will typically be via email.

Anyway, I am optimistic about the upcoming season and more than that, I am looking forward to it.  I think I have decided that I am not going to be returning to umpiring in the near future.  I enjoy coaching more, and, although it doesn’t pay money, it pays in other ways.

We start indoor workouts this coming weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.  It will give me a chance to get to know the new players and see where they see themselves fitting in.  I am going to ask one of the new coaches to come up with a plan for the practice, see what he comes up with.

Anyway, here’s to a great season of Rockies baseball !!!

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