Evaluations are over

Yesterday was the last evaluation day for Babe Ruth. I did see a couple of players who hit the ball a lot better than their first trip in the batting cage. That being said, it is still a batting cage. It doesn’t compare to live pitching in a game.

I accepted the trade of draft picks with the Indians club. I gave up our first round pick this year and in exchange, the Rockies get their 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks next year. The GM for the Indians is going for a AAA Championship this season. He says he won’t be coaching next year so he’s putting it all on the line. They are not going to have a lot to choose from in the draft in 2016. It’ll hurt us a bit this year but it is a strong draft.

We don’t pick now until the 2nd round and pick 8th overall. Our draft strategy is sorta thrown for a loop, we really won’t have any idea on who will be available. We pick pick up whoever we can I guess, if there is a catcher available, I think we will grab him.

I don’t think one of my coaches was too happy that I accepted the trade but I did what I think was best. I did ask everyone for their input so everyone had their say. Time will tell if the decision was for the best.

Today is Family Day. My immediate family, my dogs live with me. Hope my sisters have a good day, my brother as well, not that I’ve spoken to him in a bit… I’d call JB, but she might be watching TV… 😉

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