Play ball, part two

Today was the first day of baseball evaluations. The group looked pretty talented in general, likely a bit better than last year. The club that I coach has to draft a lot of players, likely around 11 in total. I think that there will be some ok players left over, even in the late rounds.

One of the other club managers proposed a trade of sorts today. He suggested giving us his 1st, 2nd and 4th round picks next season for our first round pick this year. I countered, although not accepted with his 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks next year for our first this year. Seems like a good deal, but, what’s up with that? Seems like he may retire after this year and wants to win a championship this season. We’ve taken it under advisement as a friend (BP) of mine would say.

Our primary pick likely needs to be a catcher, we have a strong need. We might need two catchers. Teams always need pitching of course, that is a given. Should be an interesting draft.

We have more evaluations tomorrow and again next weekend. We then have a couple of weeks before the draft then indoor workouts start right away.

The new facility is going to be quite nice. It has completely been constructed as yet, needs the finishing touches still. It is sort of out of the way though, 30 minutes from my place, very close to where I used to live. A big improvement over where it was last year though.

Anyway, I’m glad that ball has finally started, May can’t get here soon enough.

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