Sportsman and Outdoor Show

I was off work today, I have to use 6 days of lieu time I banked during our hardware refresh, so, I went to the Calgary Sportsman and Outdoor Show at the BMO Centre. My co-worker joined me.

I live about 4km away from the BMO Centre and we decided to walk. Well, CH suggested walking in jest and I called his bluff. Unfortunately for him, he wore a spring jacket that didn’t zip up. I didn’t realize that when we left, otherwise I would have lent him a coat. Anyway, we walked, in -10C weather, CH nearly froze. We did stop at the bank for some cash and a thawing and stopped for lunch as well.

17 Ave SW In Calgary has a few dozen restaurants and we stopped at Cilantro. I had never been there before. It was pricy but good. Lunch for two of us was $40.

We made it, CH only partially froze. We walked around the show, it was pretty good. I was shocked at the financing on a boat we looked at. It was $155 every two weeks for 240 months. My quick math skills told me that was 20 years, my brain said that couldn’t be correct. Who finances a boat over 20 years? That’s insane. You’d pay for it three times over. Needless to say, I didn’t buy a boat, or an RV, or anything other than fresh mini donuts.

We took the bus back, more walking wasn’t really an option. All in all, a good day.

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