Working for a living

Starting Monday, I will be working from home 5 days a week. I have been working from home 4 days a week since September, now I don’t have to go into the office at all.

Th company I work for is changing the way that we deliver support. Most issues can be resolved remotely so why have us in the offices I guess. I don’t know what their ultimate goal is, guess I will find out in the weeks and months ahead.

So, this saves on having to commute, who wants to do that anyway? I can avoid the “bus people”, that is a good thing. It also means when I finish, I am a few seconds away from the couch or taking the dogs for a walk or whatever. I am going to get to miss going to work in -25C weather, that’ll be nice.

I am sure the dogs will love having me home. Blondie still gets destructive from time to time so when I am not here, she spends time in her crate. When I work from home, there is no need for that. Zeus isn’t crated, he’s a good boy. He is getting older though and needs to go out more often, it is nice to be here to be able to do that.

I am not sure if I will be covering the office when my co-worker takes vacation or if they will have the office uncovered during that time. I guess this is something I will have to find out.

I will most interacting with my co-workers on a regular basis. For now, it’s fine, I guess I will see how it goes a few months down the road. I will still go into the office every 6 weeks or so, just so people won’t forget who I am.

I may look for a new place somewhere away from the downtown core since I won’t have to commute any longer. I could save a lot on rent if I move into the extreme north-west for instance. I will have to see what’s out there.

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