Lieu Time

I ended up working a total of 45 hours of OT in a month or so from the middle of December until the middle of January. So, I now have 45 hours of lieu time to use, as long as I use it by the end of March.

That is a little over 6 days off. I am not sure if we are allowed to use a crap load of days all at once. I think I will take a day off here and there, essentially have a long weekend every weekend until the middle of March. That should be good.

I don’t think there will be much OT coming in the near future, no real need for it I don’t think, something could come up though.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, as I am sure you know unless you’re living under a really big rock. I was hoping that the Patriots would win and they did make a 10 point comeback to take the game. I think it will be questioned for some time why the Seahawks decided to throw the ball on 2nd down on the 1 yard line. The head coach tried to explain it, he did a pretty bad job of it. I’m sure he’s covering for the offensive coordinator. Not that I really care one way or the other. I have been a Bills fan since the early 90’s, must be sorta like being a Leafs fan, it has been painful at times.

As I’ve reported, baseball starts this coming weekend with evaluations. One of my players from last year has requested a trade. Not sure what is up with that but you can’t keep everyone happy.

Monday is over. The weekend is a day closer. Enjoy your week.

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