I have a 50″ LED tv in my living room and a 32″ LCD in my office. I subscribe to Telus Optik service, it isn’t bad. I have a crapload of stations but I only seem to watch a handful of them.

I am currently watching Seinfeld. It has now been off of the air for about 16 years. I still love it. I have watched every episode probably between 10-15 times I am sure.

I don’t tend to watch any new shows. I didn’t watch Seinfeld until its original run was over. The only “new” shows I might catch are Dragon’s Den and its American cousin, Shark Tank. I can’t really think of anything else new I watch. I do watch Big Bang Theory, but never watch the new episodes, I catch it on the Comedy network so it is older ones.

I watch a rather cheesy sci-fi show, Star Gate SG1. I haven’t seen most of those episodes either and it wrapped up about 6 years ago.

I have all of the sports channels as well, don’t watch a lot but catch playoffs for sure. Sunday is the Super Bowl of course and I will catch it, hopefully at some restaurant/bar, not sure as yet.

So, I guess I pay a fair amount for old shows. I don’t mind. I could likely get most of these shows on Netflix or something, not sure. It is bundled with my internet. I will likely keep it when my contract is up, which is soon as well (May).

I don’t watch too much else, and almost nothing in the summer, I am out too much. I do have the tv on sometimes while I am working, essentially background noise. I’ve seen all of the shows before so really, I don’t need to watch it, listening is good.

Anyway, back to Seinfeld, still one of my favs. Enjoy the weekend.

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