How hot is too hot?

I live in basement of a bungalow in Calgary. It is one of the many illegal suites in Calgary. There are many things that make it illegal such as not having a range hood over the stove, no fireproofing between floors and possibly most importantly, I don’t have control over the heat.

There are two women who live above me. In general, they are good neighbours. They are normally quiet, with the odd exception. The biggest issue is the heat.

Right now, my place is 78F. A tad warm. That is in the bathroom as well which doesn’t have a heat vent in it. I am sure it is much warmer in the living room. I knocked on the door, it seems that they are now out. Nice.

So, as opposed to melting, I am not sure how hot it will get down here, I’ve turned the furnace off. A little drastic perhaps, but I am not sure what else I can do.

I think what happens is that they come home and are cold. As opposed to putting on a sweater, or turning the thermostat up 1-2 degrees, they crank it just about as hot as it will go. I’ve asked them before, “have you turned the heat up?” – no, we didn’t. Ok, well, something is going on, it is almost 80 downstairs.

Anyway, since no one is there, the heat is now off. I will likely turn it back in later tonight, hopefully they will have gotten home by then and turned it down perhaps.

The whole thing is a little insane really. How hot is too hot?

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