Swiss Chalet

I haven’t had Swiss Chalet in about two years now. I decided to go to the nearest one to my house tonight for take-out. Now, I know that I was “brave” and ate by myself when I was in Red Deer, but this is Calgary, I’m not that brave…

I ordered it online and drove to pick it up, brought the dogs along for company.

The take out entrance is a little odd to get to. It is around the side of the building, right where the drive thru is but the odd thing is that there isn’t a sidewalk to get to the door. You basically have to walk along the roadway to get to the door, not entirely safe. Well, I’m a big boy and can avoid traffic…

I get inside, there was a lady in front of me and a guy waiting and one of their drivers arguing about a bill with the counter person. This went on for no less than five minutes, then the person in front of me was served. Another driver came in a and sat, waiting for his order I’d guess.

Since I was standing beside him, I noticed a rather ripe order coming off of him. I was thinking if I ordered delivery and he was the driver and came to my door smelling like that, I think I’d refuse the order. Gross…

Anyway, I paid for my order and drove home. I got the chicken stir fry, not bad all in all. I guess next time perhaps I will order outside of the dinner hour, might be better service. Oh, that and I’ll skip on the delivery…

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