Figured it out…

After yesterday’s computer issues, today was a much better day.

I left Calgary this morning at 630 headed for Red Deer. I still had some cleanup to do with regards to the recent hardware refresh. It was a good drive, roads were clear and dry – something that can be rare in January in Alberta.

The day in Red Deer went well. I got everything done and left around 3pm. The drive back was excellent, locked in the cruise at 120 and made it home in an hour and a half.

Since I am back to working at home tomorrow, I had to figure out what was wrong with my computer. I connected to my home wireless network and hen connected to work via VPN, the connection dropped a few times in 10 minutes. I connected to my router via a network cable, luckily I had a 25′ cable hanging around. My connection was stable. Ok, that narrows it down. It is either my wireless network or wireless on the laptop. My other wireless devices are ok so I downloaded the most up to date drivers for wireless, my VPN connection now seems fine.

The real test will be tomorrow, gotta make sure I can actually work a full day without my connection dropping out on me. I think all will be well.

It is sort of an unwritten rule that IT people aren’t supposed to have IT issues, not sure what was going on with this one. Oh well, a wrench thrown into the mix occasionally keeps me on my toes…

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