One of those days…

Today was one of those days and I hope it doesn’t repeat anytime soon.

I was in the office on Friday to prepare myself a new computer since the one that I’ve been using for nearly three years lease is up.

All seemed to go well with the image, I brought it home and did some final tweaks over the weekend.

This morning, I connect via VPN and immediately started having issues. My connection would be solid for a few minutes and then would die on me. I couldn’t use Outlook, our phone system or our chat system. Fun. Those three programs are a large part of my job or rather they allow me to do my job.

Around 930, after not having much luck in fixing anything, I decided I needed go head into the office to try my luck. I decided reimaging the laptop was my best bet.

I have been using Office 2010 for a couple of years now, so I reinstalled it this time around as well. I also use another program which has a component from Office 2007. For some reason, the two aren’t getting along on this new computer.

I can work around those issues, not the end of the world. I returned home with the intention of actually handling some tickets for the afternoon. Monday’s are typically very busy, today it wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t missed all that much.

I ran into the same issues at home again. My internet connection is fine, I can browse around, get email, whatever I want with no issues. I connect to VPN, it works for a few minutes and then drops. No word from the network team so I have no idea what’s going on.

I am returning, for what seems like the 100th time to Red Deer tomorrow. I am hoping my issues will be resolved by Wednesday, guess we will see.

If that isn’t the case, I think I’ll change professions. Maybe I’ll become a short order cook…

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