Odd weather…

I think I may have mentioned that we have been having unusually warm weather, pretty much for almost two weeks now. Day time highs in the upper single digits, not bad for nearly the end of January in Calgary.

We’ve had chinooks before of course, but they typically last for a few days at most, not 10+. I won’t complain, it is nice being able to walk the dogs just wearing a hoodie. No gloves or hat, almost spring like.

Odd thing on today’s walk though. Lots of melting snow of course, all over the sidewalks but although the temperature is about 8C, the water on the sidewalks is frozen, making for a rather dangerous walk. How exactly is that possible? I am guessing that the ground is still cold enough for the water to freeze, it just seems odd to me. Blondie is not a dog that doesn’t like to pull, pretty much all the time when we walk. I know, my fault, I never really trained her well. She will walk nicely, if I am after her all the time, I just don’t bother. I just thought it was strange with ice all over and the air being so warn.

I am actually going into the office today, first time in about 5 weeks. It is hardware replace time and I need to finish prepping my new laptop. There are around 20 staff that I haven’t met, likely won’t make any huge effort today since I am rarely there – we will talk when you are having issues. It will be nice to see some of my coworkers face to face again, some, hmmm… 🙂

It is the weekend after another long work week, try to enjoy it.

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