As my sister says, I’m very brave

As I’ve blogged, I was in Red Deer this past weekend. The hotel that I was staying in (Sandman) has a Moxie’s attached to it. I dropped down there to get some food (to go) but it was too busy so I decided to leave. I figured I would go and get a pizza or something.

Right beside the hotel there was also a Denny’s. I have always had some sort of a problem eating by myself in a restaurant, other than say Wendy’s or a food court in a mall. I guess sitting by yourself sort of says, “I’m a loser with no friends”. My sister always says if you are travelling on business, what does it mater, you don’t know anyone anyway…

So, I walk over to Denny’s and say, “for one”. Naturally, everyone was staring at me wondering, why is that gorgeous man eating all by himself… Yeah, sure, that’s what they were wondering, it’s my blog. 🙂

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad of an experience. The food was good and I didn’t have to eat in my room. I suppose I broke a previously unbroken barrier, unbroken over 40 some odd years. In a small way, it does make me brave I guess. Thanks for the advice to my sister.

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