A trip to the vet

Today was vet day for Zeus and Blondie. They both enjoy car rides. They have no problem going into the vet but once we are waiting, the irritating behaviour starts. Zeus barked almost non stop which is odd because he is normally very quiet. Blondie was pacing and whining. It is a good thing there was no one else waiting, they were a bit embarrassing.

We arrived early since one cannot predict traffic in Calgary. The appointment was for 5pm. We left the house at 4pm, my plan was to get the truck washed along the way. In a 12km drive, none of the gas stations had a car wash, figures. So, at 4:30 we arrived, a full 30 minutes early.

So, we wait. The dogs bark and/or whine and we finally meet the vet shortly after 5.

It was a routine checkup. Both dogs needed their rabies shot and the kennel cough vaccine as well. The vet tried to up-sell me on a few items. Dental cleaning for Zeus, he has a fair amount of plaque. Guess what the costs… $500. As much as I love Zeus, I don’t think I will be spending that kind of money on a dental cleaning. I suppose if I had extra money floating around I would, but I don’t. Nothing extra is needed for Blondie. That’s good news…

As I am waiting to pay the bill, Blondie pees all over the floor, a small lake. Thanks Blondie. Final total, $209. Really, all in all that isn’t too bad for two dogs.

They are set for their stay in the pet resort tomorrow. Both are tired tonight, likely due to the shots. It’ll be a peaceful evening.

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