Coaching versus Umpiring

So, I think I’ve noted that I am coaching again this summer and I am feeling much better about it actually which is good. I don’t think I will be umpiring this summer at all.

Coaching takes up a fair amount of time, on average likely 4 days a week between games, practices and batting cage sessions. On the days that I am off, I really don’t want to go back to the field and umpire. I also often go out to see how the other team I am in charge of is doing, that might be one or two more nights per week. All in all, it keeps me very busy.

I didn’t volunteer to be on the umpire board of directors this year either. I was the VP last year, I wasn’t asked to do much, it was more of a title really. I didn’t particularly care for one of the other board members and being around him was a drag. So, stay away, keep happy. Hopefully I won’t see him on the field this summer, time will tell.

I do like the money I can make by umpiring and depending on how this season of coaching goes, I may return to umpiring in 2016. I am optimistic about the upcoming season though. I am not sure of what players are returning as yet, another couple of weeks and that question will be answered as well.

So, with no additional umpiring funds coming in, I doubt that a trip back to Ontario is in the cards. My company will hopefully have an IT Conference this year and if so, that will give me a short visit back to my place of birth.

Anyway, lots of time to see what is happening. I am sure it’ll be September before I know it.

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