Clash of Clans

A few months ago, I saw a commercial for Clash of Clans. I thought it looked like a “cute” game but had no plans on downloading it. I saw a few more ads (they are actually quite good, not much resemblance to the real game though) and also saw an online ad, in Facebook I think, so I decided to give it a try.

I have an iPad Mini so on it went. It started out slowly enough but after a few months and developing my village into a fairly powerful one, I will admit that I am quite addicted to it. Now, I don’t play it while working but during the winter evenings, I tend to hibernate and it is a great time waster, especially while watching tv or something.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, you are the Chief of a clan. Your village starts out very small and rather defenceless. You build up the various buildings, build new ones, walls to protect your village, cannon, mortars, archer towers and other “medieval” implements. You are able to train various warriors to fight your battles and upgrade them over time. And talk about time that it takes for upgrades, you really need some patience to play this game.

As you successfully raid other villages, you gain trophies. After you join a Clan, you can engage in a Clan War with up to other 49 clan mates. Battles last a day and the Clan with the most wins at the end of the battle gets extra gold and elixir – both used for upgrades. The cycle continues. You win wars, you upgrade, get more powerful and keep going.

It is a lot of fun. Not a heck of a lot of strategy really, a little but not the primary focus. I’d say pretty well anyone teens and up would enjoy it.

Anyway, I am sure at some point I will bore of it, but for now, it’s war time.

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