Back to coaching…

I met with two of the guys that I coached with today for lunch. We went to a place called Wild Rose Brewery. I am not much of a beer drinker, never got a taste for it. The food was ok but wouldn’t draw me back.

Anyway, we talked about the upcoming season. Seeing as I have sort of been on the fence, but never said no, I’ve decided to return to coach for the 2015 season. I think that unless the season is amazing for some reason that it will be my last, I will return to umpiring next year. It is hard to plan ahead that far though, who knows what might happen.

We discussed players who might be coming back, players who’ve aged out and players we might prefer not to see again. We are also not completely sure of the total coaching situation, lots to be decided in the coming months.

We start indoor evaluations a month from now, we will know who’s registered and who hasn’t. I am hoping everyone comes back, time will tell.

Back to my regular day shift at work tomorrow. It will be nice being back to the regular schedule but I’ll miss sleeping in.

Enjoy your week and the first Monday of the New Year.

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