Last day of afternoons…

I have been working the afternoon shift for the last two weeks, 1:30pm – 10:00pm.  Tonight is my last shift.  It wasn’t too bad, likely because it was over the holidays.  Next week, I am back to my normal 7am – 3:00pm shift and it will be welcome.  I have enjoyed being able to sleep in a bit, that is always nice.  Not that I actually sleep right through, I wake up around 6am anyway to let the dogs out and then try to go back to sleep.

Next weekend, I think I am going to be heading to Red Deer to do hardware replacements in the office and a couple of other offices in the area.  I will need to put the dogs into their Pet Resort and I will be staying at some hotel in Red Deer.  I am not huge on hotels but it will save some time over commuting.

Baseball registrations for Babe Ruth start this month.  I am sure there will be coaches meetings as well.  Although I have not committed to coaching again in 2015, I have not said that I won’t so if I am needed again, I will coach.  I think this will be my last year coaching though.  I didn’t enjoy it as much last summer for some reason, I didn’t have the fire that I used to when I coached in Niagara.  I think I will go back to umpiring and be able to set my own schedule as opposed to having one made for me.

Nothing else going on – Calgary had a snowstorm today, 6-8″ of the white stuff, nothing too bad.  I hate shoveling but I guess I will be doing that tomorrow.  Well, what can ya do, it is January and it is Calgary.

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