Well, what’s been happening?

By the looks of it, I have not made an entry on my blog in a little over 4 months.  June 19, 2014 was my last post.  Has nothing happened in this time?  No, a lot has happened.  I am not really sure why I have not posted in that time, I have had time, obviously, I just haven’t thought much about it.

So, the baseball season came and went.  I was the club manager of the Calgary Babe Ruth Rockies this year.  It was a fun season although we did not do as well as I hoped we would.  We ended up finishing in 4th place (out of 5 teams) and we had to play an elimination game to get into the play-offs.  This was against the 5th place team.  Well, we lost and the 5th place team went on to win the championship.

Last night was the year end banquet actually.  It was held in the Red and White Club at McMahon Stadium.  Great food, good company and a keynote speaker who I think confused everyone who was in attendance.  It was, well, interesting.

I am now working from home 4 days a week which has been working out pretty well.  I only go into the office on Friday’s.  Not a bad deal really.

I didn’t umpire this summer, sort of missed it.  I might go back to it next summer, I have not as yet decided.

Otherwise, it is same old, leading a regular life I guess.  Maybe I will try to post a little more often…  Who knows?

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