Wow, a BLOG Entry…

It has been about two and a half months since I made an entry in my BLOG.  Why?  Not too sure really.  I suppose that I just don’t have the blogging right now, or, I haven’t had it for the past couple of months.

I am watching Corner Gas and in this episode, Hank is writing a BLOG which reminded me that I have a BLOG that I am not paying any attention to.

So, my last entry was in April, early April.  Spring actually arrived in Calgary and my baseball teams have gotten some games in.

My AA club is a good bunch of guys who, at times, play amazingly.  Other days, they play as if they haven’t played a game of baseball in their lives.  It is enjoyable though.  I do like getting out on the diamond again.  It gives me something else to do, other than the normal work routine.

The season, by now, is more than half over.  We have about three weeks left, have to make up a few rained out games (including the game that we were supposed to have tonight) and then we have playoffs.  There are five teams in the league and I think we sit at about the middle of the pack.

The AAA club is doing very well with only a few losses.  I haven’t been out with them as much as I would have liked to, but they have a good coaching staff and I would really just be in the way.

My question lately is whether or not I will return to coaching next year.  I typically say that near the end of the season.  I typically end up going back.  I do enjoy it, just not sure if I want to continue as opposed to going back to umpiring.

A change that will be coming up at work may help with my decision.  I won’t talk about that as yet as it hasn’t as yet been announced.  That may prompt me to make another entry.  🙂

So, to anyone who reads and perhaps enjoys my rantings, that was my entry for today.  Hopefully I will make another before ball season has ended.


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