It’s been a while

Wow, almost a month since my last post.  Not sure why I haven’t posted…

So, baseball is happening.  Well, not outside baseball, still a little cold and the ground is a little frozen.  We have been inside for several sessions and the teams are looking pretty good.  I am impressed with the hitting and from what I have seen of the pitching as well.  The two teams, AA and AAA will be split in the next couple of weeks and weather permitting, we will get outside by the end of the month.

My place is still a disaster area.  No flooring as yet because of the leaking from outside.  I am sure that work can’t happen until the ground thaws.  Lots of fun.

Work has been busy, I am still alone but there have been a few interviews so I am hoping to have a new co-worker in the next few weeks, by May 1 anyway.

All in all, it isn’t too bad.  With regards to the flooding, I didn’t have it anywhere near as bad as a lot of people with the flooding that the area had last June.  None of my stuff has been wrecked…  Sure, the unfinished concrete looks bad, but I still have a place to live.

I was going to start riding my bike in April but the first week was a little cold so I have pushed it back a month until May and will continue to take the bus in.

That’s it.  I’ve updated my blog.  Aren’t you happy?  🙂  Until next time…

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