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Yesterday morning, we had our team meeting – coaches, players, parents and the executive of the league spoke as well – they were supposed to speak for 30 minutes, they went a bit over, 50 minutes.  Oh well.

It was good to meet the players – in total, 21 of them were there, not bad out of 26.  A received a few responses indicating that they were out of town, hockey, or what not.

I received my baseball equipment.  Well, two teams of baseball equipment actually, I got the AA equipment and the AAA equipment as well plus game balls for the season, 6 dozen, perhaps more – I didn’t really do an inventory.

I told the players toward the end of the meeting that one thing that I don’t do is carry equipment.  They were nice enough to bring it all out to my truck and load it up for me.  Thanks guys.

We start indoor workouts on Tuesday evening.  We’ve decided for the first session to have everyone come out at the same time.  It will mean more standing around than we might like, but it will give me a chance to introduce myself to all players and get some background on them.

The season is less than two months off now, I am sure that time will pass quickly.  This weekend, the cold weather finally broke, it got into the low double digits yesterday and is supposed to do more of the same today.  Hopefully it will stick around.

Spring, and baseball, are right around the corner.

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