Happy Birthday, Blondie

Yesterday was Blondie’s 3rd birthday.

Blondie - 3rd Birthday


I am not sure why I didn’t post this yesterday, I did post the picture on Facebook and a number of people “liked” it and some made comments.  Thank you.

I am hoping, now that she is 3, that she will start to be a little better when and if I leave her out of her crate during the day.  I am hopeful.

As soon as my floors are back in and the place has been reassembled, I plan on starting her off with half days out of the crate.  As soon as she does something bad, like chewing on something that doesn’t belong to her, she will be back in.  The last time that I tried this, about six months ago, she started doing bad stuff about 2 weeks into her new found freedom.  She started slowly and I should have taken that as a cue that she wasn’t ready for being out of the crate.  She ended up destroying a pair of shoes, slippers, the leg of a chair…

Speaking of when my floors are back in place…  The contractor was supposed to be here on Saturday to measure for the new floor so he could do an estimate for the insurance company.  They didn’t show, they also didn’t contact me.  I texted him yesterday, was told that there were problems with the guys truck that was supposed to come – I suppose that is possible, it was in the low -20’s.  He said that they would be able to come over yesterday afternoon and they would contact me 30 minutes or so before so I could get home.

Well, some of us, you know, work and can’t just leave the office in the middle of the day, especially when it is a Monday, during busy season – the office was a bit insane yesterday.  So, I said no, that won’t work.  He suggested today, 9am.  OK, there is the whole work thing again…  I told him I leave for the office at 7:15 or so in the morning, come home at lunch and don’t get back home until 5:30 or so in the evening.  So, they are coming Wednesday at noon.

Hopefully, they will get the quote for insurance together quickly and then the go-ahead is given for the new floor to be installed and the kitchen put back together.  I am also hoping that the rebuild will start on the 10th or 11th, a week later than I was thinking it would initially be done.

I suppose, in the grande scheme of things, I don’t have it all that bad.  The place is still quite livable.  There are unfortunate people who still have places that they can’t live in from the floods of 2013 – that is now 8 months (or so) ago.  I don’t have a floor, and, when I say that, I do have a floor, it’s just concrete.  I still have a working kitching.  It isn’t that bad.  I am getting used to wearing shoes inside.  The floor isn’t even all that cold for some reason, likely because it is so warm down here.

So, here is to hoping that the reconstruction starts next week, let’s say by the 12th, finished by the 14th and then I can take part of the weekend to put everything back together.

Here is also to wishing Blondie a happy birthday, even though she really doesn’t likely understand that, at all.  She was likely happy that she got two Denta Sticks yesterday, and, I am sure Zeus was as well.

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