The draft is complete, now we need Spring

Today was the Babe Ruth Calgary draft.  The coaching staff met last night to go over our draft strategy.  Over the course of 4 or 5 evaluations on offence, defence, pitching and catching, we were able to rate the players, top to bottom.  To make sure we were all pretty well on the same page, we wanted to discuss what we were doing during the draft and it made for a smooth morning.  We drafted first overall so, other than a few protected players (a father coaching or a brother already playing), we had a choice of everyone remaining.

Our first pick pretty well came down to who the best player was and although we were likely in agreement of who that was, he had 3 years of eligibility left as opposed to another player who might not have been quite as good (now) but had 5 years left – we went with the younger player.

From those that I was wanting to be part of the team, I was able to get 3 out of 6 – the other choices seem solid as well.  I guess I will see once we get inside for workouts how we look but the real test will be once Spring finally arrives in this Arctic wasteland and it warms up.

Games aren’t scheduled until the end of April, at the earliest – weather permitting of course.  I am sure that those two months will pass quite quickly.

Next weekend we have a team / league meeting.  I sent out an email to all 26 players and families, hopefully the turnout will be good.  We start inside workouts on the 11th.

I am really looking forward to getting back on this side of the field.  I have enjoyed umpiring, but coaching is my real love.

Bring on Spring.  Bring on Baseball !!!


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