No floor, but it’s a wind tunnel…

On Friday, the renovation company arrived at 8:30am sharp.  They said that they would be done by noon or so, they were a little longer than that, likely because there was a lot more water damage than they expected.

They used a large wet/dry vacuum and got rid of at least 40 gallons of water from under the floor.  The baseboards were damaged in a few places and some of the drywall was damaged as well.

Kitchen - Floor

The kitchen was where a lot of the water pooled.  The cabinets were put in place after the floor was laid, so they had to be removed in order to get the floor out.  The counter top had to be disconnected from the cabinets and from the back splash.  Luckily, the tile was “disconnect” fairly cleanly and there is a box of extra tile to replace it.

Living Room - Floor


That is Blondie standing in front of one of the largest dehumidifiers that I have ever seen.

Dining Room - Hallway - Floor Living Room 2 - Floor


There were also three large dryers in the corners of the room creating a wind tunnel in here.  It was quite the room for a few days but it is now dry and ready for the room to be rebuilt.

It should be done by Thursday of this week – I am hoping that date will be kept.  As you might be able to tell from the pictures, the entire kitchen, living room and hallway floors have been removed leaving only the   and bedroom with the original flooring, well, the front hall and bathroom also kept their tile.  It is doubtful that they were be able to find a match in the flooring the doors will be the cut-off point.

I guess I am lucky in that none of my stuff was damaged.  I should have everything back in place by next weekend and life will return to normal.


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