A flood of my own

Although I now live in Upper Mount Royal, high above any of the flooding from last Spring in Calgary, I had a flood, of sorts, of my own.

I came home on Wednesday after work and was sitting, watching TV and I heard what sounded like water running.  I figure it was something outside, but I figured I would investigate.

I opened the door of the furnace room and the water relief valve on the hot water tank was leaking quite badly.  I grabbed a bucket to catch the water.  I called my landlady – no answer.  Well, not unusual, she may have been work, she’s in real estate.  I texted – she typically replies fairly quickly to that.  Nothing.  I called again, a few times.  Texted again – no reply.  I decided to email her.

She replied – from her vacation in the Caribbean.  She We got would send over the emergency plumber right away – he arrived within 20-30 minutes.  We got the water turned off and the tank drained to below the relief valve level. OK, I can deal without water for the night and I could shower the next morning.  I would have to zip out and get the dogs some water for the morning – no problem.

I was just about to go to bed around 9:30pm when a knock came to my door.  Two guys to replace the hot water tank – apparently, the old tank was just that, old, and not worth fixing.  They didn’t have a convenient way to drain the rest of the water from the old tank so they got it out, with some difficulty.  In comes the new tank, installed and ready to go within 20 minutes.  Nice.

Unfortunately, a fair amount of water had made its way under the floor, there is a membrane between the concrete and the floor and it had run down to the lowest level of the floor, in the kitchen and was coming up between the floor boards.

On Sunday, my landlady came over to take a look.  The floor has a “wave” in it – not good.  Yesterday, after work, an insurance adjuster and a contractor came over to survey.  There is quite a lot of water under the floor, according to his device which checks for moisture.

A large swath of the floor is going to have to come up.  The entire kitchen and about half of the living room, at least.  The floor is also under the kitchen cabinets, so, guess what – they have to come out as well.  Won’t that be fun?

Anyway, all this is going to happen fairly quickly as mold will start to grow.  I won’t have a functioning kitchen for a bit, likely a week at least.  I also hope that they can match the flooring.  Right now, it looks quite nice – hopefully it will be fixed that way.

Let the fun begin…

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1 Response to A flood of my own

  1. joanb49 says:

    That sucks. Hopefully they’ll fix it up to look as good as before.

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