It’s the weekend !!!

There hasn’t been a heck of a lot going on this last week.  Work was busy, the days zipped by rather quickly.  Yesterday, we had a going away lunch for one of the Managers at the office, she’s moving to Victoria.  We left the office at around 11:30am and when we got to the restaurant, we were able to watch most of the third period of the Canada-USA hockey game, which, unless you live under a rock in a cave, you know that Canada beat the US 1-0 to go onto the Gold Medal game tomorrow.  There wasn’t a lot of conversation during the game, people were paying attention to the screens and, I guess, their food.

The US is currently playing Finland for the Bronze medal.  I hope that Finland wins.  I am not a huge fan of the Americans, in general I guess.

We have more evaluations today and tomorrow for baseball.  My club needs to draft at least 6 players so the last few picks may be important ones.  We will see pitchers and catchers either today or tomorrow and more hitting as well.  It is supposed to be rather cold as well so I am sure the domes won’t be too warm at all – slightly warmer than being outside I guess.

Tomorrow, 5AM MST is the Gold Medal game, Canada versus Sweden.  Alberta is allowing restaurants and bars open and serve during the game.  I am not sure if I am going anywhere to watch or if I will watch from the comfort of my house – I am guessing I will watch at home, I am not much of a drinker anymore, never mind that I really don’t have much interest in drinking at 5AM anyway.

So, it will be a fairly relaxing weekend – this is good.  With work being much busier since my co-worker left, I do look forward to the weekends.  The job has been posted now, so, I’d expect a replacement in the next month or two.  Guess we will see.

Enjoy your weekend and Go Canada, Go !!!

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