Start of the week…

The Family Day weekend was relaxing.  Didn’t do anything much on Sunday – went for a walk with the dogs and that was about it. I felt very lazy, napped a couple of times, had a relaxing day.

Family Day, yesterday, was pretty good.  Finally got a haircut, feel about half human now at least.  I like getting my haircut about once a month and I hadn’t gotten it done since the middle of December – what a hippie I was.  Did some grocery shopping as well, dogs needed some food – they would likely get cranky if I didn’t feed them.

I am sure the week will be a busy one.  As I have indicated, my co-worker has moved along to greener pastures.  Today is his first day at his new job, in the oil and gas sector, not sure of the company.  I wish him well.  In a city this size, I sort of doubt that I will ever run into him again. We aren’t really friends so I doubt that I will try to contact him.  I presume that BDO will hire a replacement at some point in the near(ish) future.  In speaking with my boss, he agrees that we need to get the right person for the job and not just fill the seat.  I am glad we are on the same page there.

No baseball this week, during the week anyway.  We have two evaluations this weekend – we will get to see the pitchers and catchers and see what they are like.  The Rockies, the club I am coaching needs about 6 players in the upcoming draft.  It will be interesting for sure.  I do have some stuff that I need to do for the umpires association as well actually – I need to get on that.

The Olympics are more than half over by now.  Canada is doing well, not quite as well as we did four years ago in Vancouver though which is too bad.  The women go for gold in hockey against the US – that goes on Wednesday or Thursday.  Unfortunately, I will be working so I won’t be able to catch the action.  The men continue, finishing third – not sure who they play next.  Looks like they won’t be facing the US in the Gold medal game though, I think they meet in the next round if they meet at all.

Going to start my day and week – hope yours is a good one.

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