The Olympics and other stuff…

Today is the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.  It was on live this morning sometime, it is on tape-delay in a few minutes.  I will catch some of it, perhaps all of it.  I do enjoy the Winter Olympics, Canada tends to do better now than during the Summer Olympics.  So, in short, Go Canada !!!

Other stuff.  Well, my co-worker is leaving for greener pastures.  Next Friday (the 14th) is his last day.  I will have to support the office by myself for a few weeks/months.  It will likely be a bit busy, but, since it is tax season, for IT, it is actually our slower time of the year.  The position will be filled, they do want to get the right candidate as opposed to just hiring someone to fill the position.  I wish the best to SH, hope you do well.

I attended my first umpire association meeting this past weekend.  It was a good meeting, some stuff coming on the horizon.  I have my second coaches meeting with Babe Ruth Calgary this weekend.  We start indoor evaluations this coming Wednesday so I am sure we need to make sure we are set and ready to go.  I am looking forward to getting back into coaching – should be a great summer of baseball.

Not a heck of a lot else going on.  Don’t plan to doing too much this weekend – want to relax.  Hope that you enjoy yours and, again, Go Canada !!!  Bring home some GOLD !!!


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