I decided to try something new for me – walking to work.

It is just about 3km one way, depending on which route I take of course.  I started yesterday.  It was a pretty cold morning, around -18C or so, not much wind, luckily.  I would like to lose some weight, walking is easy and, apparently, good for you.

It took me 30 minutes to get to work.  There is a stretch that is downhill since downtown is in some sort of bowl.  Coming back, it took slightly longer, about 32 minutes so I guess the hill accounts for the additional time.

When warmer weather hits, which I am sure it will at some point, I plan on riding my bike into the office.  We have a bike lockup area so that will be great.

Right now, I go home at lunch to let the dogs out so I am walking about 12km per day.  Add in a walk with the dogs in the morning and it totals about 13km per day.  That’s gotta burn some calories.

I am saving myself $96 per month on a transit pass and since I really don’t use transit for anything else, I won’t be paying much for the bus or train at other times.

Today is a littler colder, currently about -24C so dressing properly for this cold is pretty important.  I am hoping that by the time I start to ride my bike, my legs will be ready to go.  Here’s to trying to get a little more fit.  🙂


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