The RV Show

I decided to go to the RV show today at BMO Centre.  I also decided that I would walk.  There.  Around the show.  Back.

Well, it is a little over 4km to the BMO Centre from my place and apparently, I walked about 2km around the show and of course, a little over 4km back.  So, a grand total of just over 10km walking today.

My feet are a little sore.  They aren’t used to being used quite that much in a day.  Good practice and exercise though.  I plan on walking to work starting Monday.  Then home at lunch and back to work then home after work.  That will be a total of 12km per day. I will either feel great after doing this for a bit, or it will kill me.

Anyway, the show was pretty good.  I have no intention of buying a brand new trailer, no real intention of buying a used trailer either.  I like to look.  I haven’t been to an RV show in a few years.  A lot has changed.  First off, they are WAY lighter than they used to be.  The last time I looked, all that I could tow would pretty well be a pop-up trailer.  Now, trailers that used to be 7000 lbs are now 3000 lbs.  Not sure what they’ve done in a few years to make them so much lighter, but that is great.  Now you don’t need to own a huge pickup truck in order to have a decent sized trailer.

I saw stuff from small, 3 sleepers trailers all the way to full motorhomes worth $500,000 dollars.  Quite the variety.

As I said, not planning on buying, I like window shopping.  Now, my feet are recovering.  Definately got my exercise for the day.  For the weekend for that matter…

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