The Weekend

My weekend started at noon today – as I mentioned.

I dropped by the police station to fill out my request for my police check – should be delivered in about 4 weeks.  Too bad my previous check that was completed for Big Brothers couldn’t be shared.  Oh well.

Bought some stuff for Super Bowl on Sunday.  Denver versus Seattle.  I am pulling for Denver and have a bet with my boss – the loser buys lunch when I visit Ontario this coming summer.  Tomorrow, I am thinking that I will visit the Calgary RV show.  I am not looking for an RV, they are WAY too expensive, but, at some point I would love to get a small trailer that I would be able to tow behind my truck.  Something big enough for me and two dogs – doesn’t have to have a shower and what not – very simple.  At the very least, I will see how much they go for.  Some of the dealers also have used trailers so perhaps I can get some contact information.

Since the cold weather has returned, I can now take the dogs to the dog park again without fear of my yellow lab coming back as a black lab.  The ground is, once again, quite frozen.

I also have my first umpire association meeting.  I am sure I will be brought up to speed on issues that are pending.  Hopefully there aren’t too many politics – guess we will see.

So, I am sure the weekend will zip by.  Enjoy yours.

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