Municipal Politics

I typically do not get involved with Municipal Politics.  Before I started working at the Region of Niagara, I didn’t get involved in Regional politics – thankfully, in Alberta, we don’t have that wasted second tier of Government.  Here, we have 3 levels – seems to work.

I really do not understand the people of the City of Calgary and why they returned Mayor Nenshi to the job this past Fall.  He defeated his nearest competition by a huge margin.  Now, in saying that, although it was a huge margin, a HUGE majority of the City did not vote at all.

I would like to know exactly what Nenshi has done for the City of Calgary?  Perhaps he worked some long hours doing whatever he did during last years devastating floods – he made some news conferences and called people who were being idiots names.  It was entertaining.  He is not a good Mayor, not for this city, not for any city.  I would happily take Mayor Ford of Toronto and his fiscal responsibility AND all of his excess baggage and issues in a heartbeat to get rid of this bum.  Tax raises over 5% over the last few years and about the same forecast for the next few – REALLY?  Where, exactly, do you think that the average person is going to get this?  Am I getting a 5% raise at work?  No, not quite.  Not even close.

Now, I read in the Calgary Herald that the Province is considering giving cities the power to create additional taxes.  Wow.  What a BAD idea.  Nenshi will go nuts, I am sure.

It quite amazes me that he is so popular.  I was thinking that I must be missing something.  I have looked.  I can’t find what I am missing – not at all.  People are saying he should run for Prime Minister.  I can’t imagine.  I guess I would have to look into moving to Australia.

We have another few years of this guy and his tax increases and his dumb smile – maybe that’s why he’s so popular – it’s gotta be something.  I can’t believe that the people of this city are that dumb – they can’t be.  I hope, I really, really hope that in a few years people do smarten up and toss him on his butt, outside of City Hall.


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