That was some boring hockey…

Yesterday, my work had an event at Brewster’s, a restaurant right around the corner from the office.  Sort of a meet and greet – there are a lot of new staff in the office with co-op positions starting in January for the busy tax season.  The pizza and wings that were served were quite good – I will be back for more at some point in the near future.

We had some snow yesterday – the forecast called for 2-5cm.  Yeah.  I really love how the weather people can be wrong so often and still have good paying jobs.  It would appear that forecasts now are no more accurate than they were 30 years ago.  I mean, in general, we can use them as a guideline, but nothing else really.  Anyway…  So, not sure on how much fell – 10cm perhaps a bit more – this generally causes people in this city to forget, completely, how to drive.  I know that I have ranted, many times, about the lack of driving ability my fellow Calgarians have, so I won’t go into detail now.

To get to this event at Brewster’s, I decided to take the bus.  There is a stop at the corner of 8 Street and 11 Avenue – that is the same corner that the restaurant is on.  Convenient – yes.  Well, I caught the bus at 4:50pm and the just under 3km ride took me a little over 40 minutes.  The traffic was crazy.  I likely could have walked a little faster and if it wasn’t -10, I likely would have.

Anyway, had a good time at Brewster’s and then headed off with a co-worker to the Calgary Hitmen game.  I won tickets, at work, again.  I seem to be very lucky with ticket wins.  Some people are, I think, becoming suspicious.  I am not sure.  Is it a coincidence that the people who are drawing the tickets may have, in the past few weeks asked me to look at a personal computer issue?  Well, who am I to say?  Anyway, glad I “won” the tickets.

So, we head to the train station for the short ride to Saddledome.  We arrive a little late, find our seats and settle in.  The game is at 0-0 – good, I think, we didn’t miss anything.

Well, it remains tied at 0 for the first and second – this is the least scoring I have ever seen at a Hitmen game, typically it is a high scoring affair.  Calgary scored one in the third period – great – some action, finally.  I enjoy defensive football games, I do not enjoy low scoring hockey games.  There is much more scoring, 4 more goals in total, all scored by the visitors.  Oh well – Calgary drops another game, they have lost, I believe, 6 of their last 8.  They’ve also slipped out of 1st place in their division.  Perhaps playing in the Saddledome, they have taken after the Flames?  Not sure.

Anyway, it was a good evening even if it was one heck of a boring hockey game.  We walked down 17 Avenue from the Dome as opposed to taking the train.  It was a bit cold but not too bad.  I guess I really am getting used to these Alberta winters.  I am sure Spring is right around the corner, well, if the corner is 3 months away.

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