The weekend

The weekend is here.  Thankfully.  It was a busy, insane-like week at work.  This is not a bad thing though.  Being busy means that I will likely stay gainfully employed.  That is good – means that I can pay for things like rent, food, mobile bills and what not.  The dogs likely want to be fed as well.

The week zipped by pretty quickly.  I had my coaches meeting on Monday and it was a good meeting.  One of the potential coaches didn’t decide to coach with our club, he felt there was a better fit with another club.  Oh well, I am sure we will locate another coach or two.  I was supposed to go to the Forest Lawn Conservative Association meeting on Tuesday but I didn’t make it.  I got home from work fairly late, actually I likely wouldn’t have had enough time to make it to the meeting on time anyway.

Nothing much planned for today.  It is supposed to be another non-typical Alberta January day with temps in the low double digits for a high.  Not bad at all.  Yesterday, we got up to 12C I think it was.  I made a comment on Facebook about the weather here in Calgary as compared to the weather in St. Catharines.  There was about a 25 degree difference in temperatures.  We had a cold December here, but since the New Year it has been quite pleasant.  The snow is just about gone, it is really hanging around though, I am surprised with so many days above freezing that it isn’t entirely melted as yet.

Tomorrow I am going to drop by the registration for BRC.  I hope to meet some of the parents of my players for the upcoming season.  Since I have typically been on the baseball board of directors, I am used to helping at registrations anyway.  Tomorrow, the temps are supposed to return to seasonal norms – below zero and snow.  If everything re-freezes then I think I will take the dogs for a walk in the dog park as well – they love that.

Tomorrow is also the Pro Bowl I guess.  Not sure what time it starts and I am also not sure if I will bother to watch it.  It tends to be a pretty boring game, more touch football than anything else.

Well, hopefully my readers will have a good weekend doing whatever they plan to do.  Enjoy.

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