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As I indicated in my last post, or I think it was my last post anyway – I was asked if I wanted to join the umpire association Board of Directors.  I asked them to ensure that my coaching activities would not be considered a conflict of interest.

Well, I received a follow-up call from the association and they do not consider my coaching to be a conflict of interest, so I have accepted a position on the Board.

I have sat on numerous Board of Directors.  Baseball at various levels, in St. Catharines, Niagara District, Baseball Ontario.  I am also on the Board of Directors for the Calgary Forest Lawn (formerly Calgary East) Conservative Association and will likely move over to the  Calgary Centre Board once they have their AGM sometime in the spring.  So, I have plenty of experience on Boards.  When it comes to baseball, I was also on the “other” side of the Board when it came to umpires.  In Niagara, there was what I would call a hate-hate relationship between the various Associations and the Umpires Association.  Some of that was likely due to the members on the various Boards not liking one another and the scheduler for the Umpires not being the easiest person in the world to get along with.

I are that some of the same type of politics exist here.  I am hopeful that there won’t be a lot of issues.

In general, the quality of umpiring in Calgary is way better than what it is in Niagara and in Ontario in general.  I don’t know if it is the training or what.  Now, of course, I am only seeing this from the umpires point of view.  I guess I will really see this summer when I am coaching.  I hope that my opinion stays the same – I am sure it will.

So, a new challenge ahead and new experiences.  Also, I will get to know some of the umpires better.  Not bad potential at all.

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