Calgary is having a non-typical Calgary winter.  It is much more like a Southern Ontario winter it would seem to me.  It was very cold and snowy in December, I will admit, BUT, most of December is still fall, not winter.  The constant thaw/freeze/thaw cycles are getting a little tired.  I don’t mind snow, I don’t like ice.

My dogs both like going for walks.  They also tend to like to pull unless I am very strict with them which I am often not.  Zeus isn’t too bad, he can’t really pull that hard, he’s not that big of a dog.  Blondie on the other hand can pull pretty hard and she seems to have a goal of taking me off of my feet.  If I keep the leash short, she heels very nicely.  I guess I like her to be able to explore a little bit.

The other option would be to walk them daily in the dog park down the street.  The only issue with that right now is that the sun doesn’t come up until nearly 8am and I am leaving for work by that time.  I don’t want them running around in the dog park when it is dark and I can’t see them.

So, I guess I am getting tired of winter.  Where is spring?  Well, according to the calendar, we have nearly two more months of winter and I am sure we will hit another deep freeze or two between now and then.  The days are, at least, getting longer.  It was still light out at 5:30pm yesterday.  Not bad for the end of January.

I don’t mind the cold, prefer it actually over the hot and humid of summer.  Not that Calgary gets hot and humid, or at least not often and never like Southern Ontario, if it hits 30C here, it is sort of surprising.

The spring will also bring baseball.  I am looking forward to that.  Speaking of baseball, I got a call on Tuesday night from the umpires association.  Back in the fall, I volunteered for a Board position or to help out if they needed help.  I never heard back so I figured that they had the members that they needed.  OK, that’s fine – I pursued the coaching avenue.  So, I got a call asking if I would be interested in joining the Board as VP.  I explained my current coaching situation and said if they don’t consider being the VP and a coach with BRC, I would do it.  I can see that there may be a conflict – guess I will see how this plays out in the next bit.  I don’t mind doing it, I am always willing to help.

Time to walk the dogs and see if I get pulled off of my feet.  Hoping that the bit of snow that we had yesterday doesn’t cover up the ice.  Wish me luck.

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