Old BLOG Entries

I have been reading my old BLOG entries recently, when I am bored I guess or just listening to the radio or iTunes and want something else to do.  I started my BLOG in November, 20009 and this post number 606 or so (605, 607, not entirely sure), so, that is a LOT of entries to go through.

It is amazing what you remember when you go through this stuff.  Leaving my previous job and being unemployed for almost 9 months.  The happiness that I felt when I was finally offered a good job – I had turned down what I would not consider a good job.  As of this morning, I have read entries up to and including April 25, 2012, so I have just about 2 more years of entries to read to catch up to the present.  It is an interesting look back at my life.  If I continue to blog, let’s say, for another 20 years, other than I don’t think I would ever be able to make it through everything, it would be a pretty cool look back.

I think I may have mentioned that at some point in the time-space continuum that I am thinking of turning my BLOG into a book.  Well, if I don’t do that for 20 years and I average, say, 100 posts per year, that would be one hell of a thick book.  It would be pretty cool though, at least to me.

I don’t document everything that goes on in my life.  There are some aspects that I am not going to share with the general public.  At one point, I had a few entries that I had locked with a password.  In thinking of that now, those posts seem to be gone.  Not sure why…  I don’t remember removing them.  Perhaps I removed the password requirement.  They were likely posts about my previous job or the people that I worked with/for.  Oh well – don’t really remember.  That part of my life is better forgotten anyway.

Anyway, not sure when/if I will go back from the start and read these entries again.  It is a good look back.  Here is to many, many more posts.  If you are reading this, thanks for being part of it.

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