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I attended, quite excitedly, the Calgary Babe Ruth coaches meeting yesterday afternoon.  As I often do, I posted something about attending the meeting on Facebook.  Well, one of my co-workers replied to my comment that he might be interested in assisting – long story short, he attended the meeting as well.

So, it is downtown, started at 2:30pm.  Not the best of times for sure – I was missing a good football game.  But, being the true baseball person I am, I didn’t mind.

The meeting covered a lot of ground and I learned a lot about the league.  I have previously only umpired in this league.  I decided to offer my services since, from an umpires point of view, the league looked to be well run, good coaches and players and the diamonds that they use, with one exception, are close to my place.

I had previously spoken to one of the Technical Directors about coaching and we went over some basics.  He told me what he was looking for and I told him what I was interested in.  It looked like it might work out well.

So, after the meeting was over, I stayed on to meet with one of the Managers of one of the clubs – the Rockies.  He is going to be too tied up with work to allow him to continue with the job that he’s done with the team.  The league is divided into 5 different clubs and each club has two teams – one AAA club and one AA club.  He oversees both clubs and is the “Manager” or “Head Coach” of one of them – this is the position that they need filled.  I have plenty of experience in Managing a ball club, it is what I have done since I was a Manager with my first All-Star club back in 2000.  I suppose that taking on the Managing job with an additional club isn’t going to be all that much more difficult – time will tell.

I think, from what I heard yesterday, that the AAA club is fairly well coached at this point in time with existing coaches.  That is fine, I don’t mind stepping into the AA club and taking over.

We are planning on getting together in the next week or two with all of the coaches in play to make sure that we are on the same page.  I also need to speak with and possibly meet with the Technical Director.  There are applications and police checks to be done – I can’t use the check that I just had with with Big Brothers for this unfortunately.  So, I will need to make a trip into one of the Calgary Police Services stations to hand in a vulnerable sector search request.  If it is like my Big Brothers check, it will take about two weeks.

We have evaluations starting in early February, inside of course, this is Calgary after all.  Should be a good indoctrination into the league.  My co-worker is still interested in helping out, so that is great.

I am really looking forward to getting back onto the field.  I mean, I have umpired the last couple of seasons and have really enjoyed it, but coaching has always been a love.  Umpiring is a hobby.

It will be fun being on the other side of the field again.  Not sure how busy I will be, guess time will tell on that one.  Wish me luck – I know, for sure, that I am going to enjoy it.

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