Religion. Why?

As a lot of us do, I use Facebook on a regular basis, perhaps too much even.  Perhaps it is one of those things that I will try to cut back on.  I enjoy catching up with what friends are doing or making sarcastic comments about pictures or statuses.  It is fun.  I really started with Facebook when I was coaching baseball in Ontario.  It was a great way to communicate with the players, they were all on Facebook, all of the time.  According to news sources, this may not be the case any longer or for much longer.  It appears that it is mostly older people using it – older meaning people 30+

Anyway, back to my topic.  Religion.  Quite a few of my Facebook friends spew various religious “crap” on their walls via statuses and what not and, unfortunately, it makes its way to my wall.  I honestly don’t get how intelligent people can follow a religion and believe in God and, apparently, think that everything we do on this lonely little planet of ours is by “His” design.  Really?  Are you serious?

It really surprises me who some of these people are.  Some of them might read this post and they might be offended.  Frankly, I don’t really care.  As I have said, time and again, this blog is for me, not you.  If you don’t agree with it, feel free to post a comment, letting me and my readers know your thoughts.  I honestly believe that religion causes a lot of the issues we have on this planet.  I really do.

I subscribe to a couple of anti-religion type pages, mostly for the humour.  I rarely share what they post – some of it could be considered quite offensive.  I am not easily offended myself.  I do think that you are entitled to your own opinion and if you want to be religious and it does something for you, fine, go for it.  If it makes you feel better, that’s awesome.  For me, it is a waste of time and money.  Once you start posting your views on Facebook or via Twitter and I see it, well, it isn’t as bad as you coming to my door to try to “convert” me or whatever, but just about.  Now, I am not going to (or I likely won’t) reply to your post with the intention of insulting you and your beliefs, but, what it does make me do is talk about it on my blog.

I have a co-worker who recently, not sure when, converted from being a Muslim to a Christian.  OK, fine, whatever you want to do.  He’s never really talked about it all that much until last week.  He called me on the phone and actually started to try to, what I would call “bible thump me”.  I stopped him pretty quickly and told him, in uncertain terms that I was not interested.  I don’t think he will do it again.  I certainly hope he won’t.  My guess would be that he has switched to some brand of church that likes their members to actively recruit.  I could be wrong, but that is my guess.

I think, as I get older, I lean closer and closer to being an Atheist.  I was forced to go to church until I was 13 or so at which time I simply refused to go.  My mother was a fairly religious person and she would go to church most Sundays.  I guess she enjoyed it, we never really talked about it.  My dad, he would go to church for weddings and perhaps funerals and I don’t recall him ever stepping foot in one for other reasons.  I never felt that going did anything for me.  As I got closer to being a teen, I dreaded Sundays and being forced to go.  Perhaps I went to a particularly boring church – it was Anglican, likely one of the more boring religions.  I can’t see any of the others being any better though.

So, now that I am far past my teens, no one can or does force me to go.  I will step into a church, like my dad, for wedding and funerals.  That is about it.  Can’t imagine another reason why I would.

Anyway, a bit of a mild rant this morning.  I think I just needed to get that off of my chest.  I feel better now.  🙂

Can someone explain to me why they follow this stuff?  That would actually be nice.  Please, feel free to post a comment or two.  As long as you don’t swear and what not, I will approve it.

Enjoy your day.  And stop posting religious stuff that makes it to my wall.  🙂

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2 Responses to Religion. Why?

  1. Barbara says:

    Dad & church going. Add baptisms and confirmations.
    Why religion? Many reasons. For some, the reduction in uncertainty about what happens after death. Or the belief that if you follow the rules of your religion, you will not cease to exist after death. Or, that you can protect yourself from Hell after death. Essentially, fear of an unknown future.
    How about a ready-made code of morals & ethics, saving the believer from having to consider and decide about these sometimes difficult matters themselves. Or, they were brought up in an environment in which religion was important and have just continued the habit and believe that what they believe is the truth. In either case, for people never taught to think for themselves, a much easier alternative.
    There are also some who do know how to think for themselves, who have a strong personal ethical and moral code, who were not conditioned in childhood and who still have come to believe. Never having “been there, done that”, I have no idea what lead to this state.
    At any rate, there are a few hypotheses for you. Think about it. Maybe you’ll develop some more. I’d be interested in hearing them.

  2. kdarcy21 says:

    No, I won’t add baptisms and confirmations – both, in my opinion are useless events. I don’t attend anyway. I don’t care who is being baptized nor who is being confirmed. I am glad that I wasn’t confirmed – that was my choice. I wish, now, that I hadn’t been baptized, but, being a few weeks old, this wasn’t my choice. Although I have not “officially” renounced being Anglican, and only because I don’t know what the process is, I am one step before that. I suppose I am too lazy to do it – I am sure there isn’t much to it.

    Really – who cares what happens after death? I don’t. If someone actually believe that if they follow the “rules” of their religion that the won’t cease to exist, do they regularly live in a fantasy land? Seriously… I don’t believe in heaven, nor hell. I think that you cease to exist and I am OK with that. Everyone who died before me also ceased to exist, I am also OK with that.

    Morals and ethics? Some religions preach “killing infidels”. Essentially, religions believe that if you don’t follow their religion that you are on the wrong track anyway. No tolerance for that.

    I would think that there are very, very few people who go to a religion without being indoctrinated at an early age. There are converts of course, perhaps people who are rather gullible.

    Another thing – people who pray. Or people hear of a tragic event somewhere on the planet and they “pray” for the people who were affected. Essentially, this is the same as doing nothing. No one will hear your prayer and even is a God does exist, well, wasn’t he (or she, whatever) the person who caused this event in the first place? He (she) won’t care about your prayers.

    I am sure I could go on and on, but, I will stop. For now. 🙂

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